With M&M Milling’s sizing services, businesses can enhance their operations, reduce waste, and achieve superior product performance.

Custom Particle Sizing Solutions

With our advanced equipment and techniques, we provide efficient and accurate classifying and sifting services. Whether you require fine particle classification or coarse material separation, you can trust M&M Milling to deliver optimal results.

Sifting & Classifying Equipment

Our particle sizing processes are designed to accurately measure and classify particles according to size distribution. From coarse to fine particle sizing, our advanced equipment ensures precise and consistent results. Our equipment includes:

Vibratory Screeners

Vibratory screeners are used to separate solids from liquids or segregate dry materials into various sizes.

The top weight’s rotation creates horizontal vibration, while the lower weight tilts the machine, causing vertical and tangential vibration. As a result, vibratory screeners provide efficient particle separation, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the final product.

Gyratory Screeners

Gyratory screeners use a horizontal gyratory sifting motion, which retains materials for a longer duration. This ensures a slower and gentler sieving action while minimizing vertical agitation. Therefore, the fine material remains in contact with the screen for more time, resulting in more precise separations. These screeners are used at wheat flour and maize mills in addition to chemicals, minerals, metal powders, and wood fiber processing.

Air Classifiers

Air classifying equipment is used to classify particles based on size, density, and shape using air streams. They utilize centrifugal force to separate particles, with heavier particles being thrown outward and lighter particles being carried upward by air currents. Air classifiers can handle even the most challenging materials to work with, including electrostatic materials and particles that tend to agglomerate easily.

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