Industries We Serve

At M&M Milling, we’re proud to serve a wide range of industries with our specialized toll processing solutions. From industrial manufacturing to animal feed production, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Milling & Packaging Solutions for Every Industry

Our goal is to provide milling and grinding services that meet the unique needs of each industry we serve — ensuring efficiency, quality, and innovation every step of the way. Explore how M&M Milling can support your industry with our expertise and commitment to excellence.


We specialize in delivering processing solutions to the industrial sector. Our expertise includes industrial milling, drying, blending, and sizing applications, utilizing advanced equipment to achieve particle sizes and properties required for various industrial processes. From custom blending using industrial blender machines to advanced drying and grinding installations, we offer reliable services designed to meet specific industrial requirements and enhance production efficiency.

Animal Feed

M&M Milling is your partner for toll processing solutions in the animal feed industry, focusing on animal nutrition and feed additives. We provide advanced milling and blending services to produce high-quality feed formulations that optimize animal health and performance. Our specialized equipment is designed for processing animal feed additives and digestive aids, ensuring precise particle sizes and formulations optimized for different livestock species.


Specializing in processing solutions for the battery industry, M&M Milling focuses on battery materials and components used in lithium-ion batteries. Our expertise includes milling and processing graphite, anode materials, and cathode materials critical for battery manufacturing. We use advanced graphite milling machines and powder processing techniques to achieve the optimal properties required for lithium-ion battery applications — offering innovative solutions to support your production processes.


M&M Milling delivers toll processing solutions for the mineral industry, covering powder milling, grinding, and bulk solids handling. Our advanced techniques extend to mineral processing applications, including grinding clay minerals, limestone, bauxite, and wollastonite. We utilize advanced ore grinding mills and powder metallurgy techniques to achieve precise particle sizes required for metallurgical processes and industrial applications.


For the chemical industry, M&M Milling offers toll manufacturing solutions specializing in chemical powder milling, drying, blending, and sizing. Our advanced equipment and expertise enable precise particle size reduction and uniform blending of chemical powders such as soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and lime. Whether you require custom blending of chemical formulations or precise grinding of specific chemicals, our team delivers reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your production needs.  

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