Research and Development

Research and Development

M&M Milling helps customers take their products from the lab to the marketplace. We allow you to test your product in a specific industry to ensure that it is a viable long-term investment — you’ll even have the ability to understand how to process at scale.

  • Are you wanting to introduce a product in the market but are unsure of how it will go?
  • Do you have a product, but due to the market size, you don’t want to allocate capital to build a processing line?
  • Does your company have times during the year when they need help to deal with increased demand for that season?
  • Do you need fine grinding services and are looking for a partner to advance your overall process?
  • Do you need a processing partner to help you research and develop new products, so you can focus on marketing and selling the ones you already have?

If any of the above pertains to you and your company, M&M Milling can help. Reach out today to learn more about our R&D capabilities.

Our Services

Research and Development Consulting

Our team serves as your trusted research and development consultant, offering expert guidance and insights to drive innovation and achieve your goals. From project inception to completion, we provide strategic advice, technical expertise, and project management support to ensure success.

Custom Research and Development Projects

Every project is unique, which is why we offer custom research and development services tailored to your specific requirements. Our team has expertise in several industries, including chemical, industrial, mineral, battery, and animal feed.

Advanced Processing of Powder Materials Research

Optimize processing techniques, improve product quality, and enhance performance. Whether you’re working with ceramics, metals, or adhesives, we can help you unlock new possibilities.

Why Choose M&M Milling?


Our team of practitioners brings decades of experience to every project, always delivering innovative solutions that meet your needs.


The path is not always straightforward when it comes to research and development. That’s why we offer customized services tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that our research and development processes are efficient, reliable, and effective.


We believe in collaborating closely with our clients throughout the research and development process, ensuring that we fully understand your needs and objectives and deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.


At M&M Milling, we are committed to delivering results that drive innovation, improve performance, and create value for our clients. If you’re developing new materials or optimizing your processing techniques, we’re here to help you succeed.

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