At M&M Milling, we specialize in processing a wide variety of materials, and we take pride in offering customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. Check out the materials we typically work with and learn more about how we process them.

Ceramics and Clay

Our advanced milling and processing techniques ensure precise particle size distribution and consistency for ceramics and clay. Using air classifying mills, raw ceramics are crushed into fine powders with controlled particle sizes.

These milling techniques optimize ceramics and clay materials for applications in construction, adhesives, sealants, animal feed additives, waste management, and other industries.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon possesses unique properties, including low density, numerous pores, and a remarkably high surface area, making it an ideal candidate for adsorption. This versatile material finds application across various industries, including environmental, industrial, and chemical sectors. Mainly, ultra-fine particle size activated carbon is highly effective in water filtration and wastewater treatment applications, in addition to removing pollutants from air and industrial processes, contributing to improved air quality and enhanced industrial efficiency.

M&M Milling offers comprehensive toll processing services for activated carbon, including particle sizing and surface area enhancement. We leverage our expertise to optimize the performance of activated carbon in various applications, such as water treatment, air purification, and chemical processing.


With our precision milling services, we cater to adhesive materials, ensuring uniform particle size distribution and desired properties for adhesive formulations. From industrial adhesives to specialty bonding agents, we provide customized solutions to meet the performance requirements of different applications.


M&M Milling’s processing capabilities extend to fertilizers, where we offer blending, milling, sizing, and packaging services. We ensure consistent and quality performance to support industrial fertilizer needs.

Agricultural Byproducts

Agricultural byproducts, such as crop residues and shells, are processed to enhance processes to reduce waste streams and provide needed industrial products.

M&M Milling provides rapid and precise processing services, including milling, sizing (sifting and classifying), blending, and packaging.  


Plastics are processed to achieve specific particle sizes and properties suitable for various applications. Our milling services enable the production of uniform plastic particles used in injection molding, extrusion, and compounding. Whether for packaging materials, consumer products, or industrial components, processed plastics play a huge role in modern manufacturing.  

Soil Amendment and Remediation

Our capabilities in soil amendments include customized blending and processing solutions to improve soil quality and address environmental contamination. Whether for agricultural land rehabilitation or industrial site remediation, M&M Milling offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each project and ensure sustainable practices.


M&M Milling offers toll processing services for paint materials, including pigment milling and dispersion, to achieve consistent color and quality in paint formulations. Our precision processing techniques ensure uniform particle distribution and enhance the performance of paint products in various applications, from architectural coatings to automotive finishes.

Oil Field Services

We provide specialized processing solutions for materials used in oil field services, such as proppants and drilling fluids. Our expertise in oil field materials processing ensures compliance with industry standards and requirements, supporting efficient and reliable operations in oil and gas exploration and production.

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