At M&M Milling, we are your go-to milling company for all your custom milling and grinding needs. Our experts’ extensive background in micronization and particle size reduction ensure that every project achieves the perfect particle size, no matter how challenging.

Milling & Micronization Services

Our milling services encompass a wide range of materials and applications. Our center is equipped to deliver exceptional results tailored to your particle size reduction needs.


An air classifying mill is a a high-speed impact mill integral to bulk solid processing. This technique involves the use of an air classifier to separate particles based on size, allowing for precise control over particle size distribution. Air classifying milling is ideal for applications where narrow particle size distributions are required, such as in the chemical and mineral industries. This method is also effective for achieving micronization and precise particle size reduction.


Ball milling is a widely used method for grinding materials into fine powders. By rotating a cylindrical chamber filled with grinding media such as balls, rods, or pebbles, ball milling effectively reduces particle size and produces a homogenous product. This technique is suitable for a variety of materials and can be adapted to achieve specific particle size distributions and desired properties. Ball milling is a key process for micronization and particle size reduction in many industries.


Roller milling is a grinding process that utilizes cylindrical rollers to coarse grind materials into fine powders. The rollers exert pressure on the material, creating shear and compression forces that reduce particle size. This method is particularly effective for milling grains and other agricultural products, as well as for producing uniform particle sizes in materials such as chemicals and pigments.


Jet milling is a high-speed milling technique that utilizes compressed air or gas to propel particles into each other, reducing particle size through collisions and attrition. Jet milling is particularly effective for producing ultra-fine powders and achieving narrow particle size distributions. This method offers precise control over particle size and shape and is commonly used in industries requiring micronization and fine grinding.

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Grinding Services

We specialize in both wet and dry grinding techniques, allowing us to accommodate a variety of materials and applications. Whether your project requires moisture control or specific grinding conditions, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver exceptional results.


Our coarse grinding service is designed to efficiently reduce the particle size of materials to meet your desired specifications. Our coarse grinding techniques ensure optimal results if you need large particles broken down or materials prepared for further processing.


Our fine grinding service is the perfect solution for applications requiring precision and uniformity in particle size. We employ advanced techniques and equipment to achieve ultra-fine powders and consistent particle size distribution, ensuring superior quality and performance of your end product. Fine grinding is essential for effective micronization and achieving the desired particle size reduction.

M&M Milling’s drying and blending services are offered separately or in conjunction with our milling and grinding services to further classify, blend, and improve your final product.

Industries We Serve

M&M Milling serves many industries, including mineral, chemical, agriculture, and more. Our custom milling and grinding solutions cater to the unique micronization needs of each industry, delivering superior results and driving success for our clients.

Materials We Work With

We handle a variety of materials, including ceramics, powders, plastics, and more. Our milling and grinding services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your particle size reduction project.

> Ceramics & Clay

> Plastic

> Activated Carbon

> Soil Amendment & Remediation

> Adhesive

> Paint

> Fertilizer

> Oil Field Services

> Agricultural Byproducts

Our Equipment

At M&M Milling, we’ve got the latest and greatest milling equipment to tackle even the toughest milling challenges with ease. Our modern facilities and cutting-edge technology ensure efficient and precise processing of your materials — delivering quality results every time.

> Hosokawa Air Classifying Mills (100 HP & 300 HP)

> Plastic

> Roller Mills

> Ball Mills

> Agitator Bead Mills

> Jet Mills

> Impeller Packers

> Auger Packers

> Air Packers

> Vibratory Screeners

> Great Western Gyration Screeners

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Particle Size Reduction:

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