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M & M Milling is a full service toll manufacturer. From processing to packaging and shipping, we will deliver a quality product that meets your company's needs. Contact us for more information on the various processing, packaging, & shipping options we offer.

Capabilities: Products


  • Grinding - We have several types of mills, including: roller mill, hammer mills, air classifying mills, ball mills, hurricane mill, and jet mills. These enable us to grind materials from coarse, granular sizes to fine powders as small as .01 micron.

  • Blending - We have a variety of blenders: ribbon blenders, a volumetric blender, and bulk blending systems. We can accommodate batches of almost any size, and different systems allow us to blend both liquid and solid materials.

  • Sizing - We have sizing methods that include both gyratory and vibratory screeners, as well as air classification systems that allow us to size and separate materials from 1/2 inch to less than 3 microns.



  • Packaging - We have several types of bagging equipment including air packers, auger packers, impeller packers, and bulk bag loading systems that can accommodate both free flowing powders and granular materials in sizes including smaller bags from 15 to 75 lb., bulk bags from 500 to 3000 lb., and truck or rail bulk loads.

  • Transloading - Our facilities are set up to transload products from bag to train or truck, train to truck, or truck to train.



  • Warehousing - We provide storage according to our customers’ needs whether it’s floor space in the warehouse or storage in a silo.

  • Shipping - We provide bulk shipping in pneumatic trucks, dump trucks, and packaged product shipping in vans and flat beds.

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